• How do I get in touch with an AIMIS surgeon?
  • After I fill in my contact details, what is the next step?
  • What is a Patient Management Executive?
  • What kind of instructions will I receive and for what?
  • How will I send my Examinations?
  • Do I need films or a CD with my Medical Imaging Examinations?
  • How will I know that my medical information and Examinations have reached AIMIS?
  • Will my medical files once submitted, directly reach AIMIS’ Surgeons board?
  • How long should I wait, until I receive an AIMIS Surgeons’ review?
  • Based on what, is a specific surgeon chosen to review each case?
  • How would I know the cost of the surgery proposed to me?
  • After I receive the quotation, how do I proceed?
  • If I decide to proceed with a surgery, can I use my insurance cover for payment?
  • For me confidentiality has a vital role. Would you ensure that all my information will remain confidential?
  • How will I know the exact date of my surgery?
  • After I have surgery and my surgeon flies back to his home country, who will be following up with me?
  • Upon discharge, will I see a doctor again while in Cyprus?
  • After departing from Cyprus, will there be any kind of follow up?
  • Before departing from Cyprus, will I get a copy from my medical file for my follow up in my home country?
The process is simple, easy, and thorough. You just need to fill in your contact information in one of our CONTACT REQUEST FORMS that are available on the website.
Once we receive your CONTACT REQUEST information, you will receive an automated email. This will confirm receipt of your request and provide further information.

We will then assign one of our patient management executives who will be your personal contact for the whole AIMIS process. The Patient Management Executive will contact you via email and send instructions of how to submit further medical information required (Examinations, Imaging, etc.).
The AIMIS’ Patient Management Department is responsible for everything you may need to facilitate the correct decision on your course of action and cooperates closely with AIMIS’ clinical and medical departments to offer top quality US standard medical services for all AIMIS potential patients.
  • You will receive an introductory email with medical forms attached to it (in word format), to be completed by you and returned to us or link electronically to do so
  • You will also receive instructions on how to upload your medical examinations (including applicable blood tests, other examinations, MRIs, X-rays, CT Scans, etc.)
Separate instructions via email will be sent to you on how you should send your Examinations. The instructions will guide you on how to upload and electronically send us your Examinations.
If these types of examinations are required for your condition, you will need to have a CD or any other electronic format of your MRI or other Imaging type, to upload your images to our system.
Your personal Patient Management Executive will notify you once your medical files are received and your profile completed.
The medical information together with your examinations are filed by our Clinical/Technical Department and forwarded to our US or International based Medical Board, appropriate for your condition.
It usually takes 7-10 working days before you receive a Medical Plan with the recommended treatment for your condition by one of our surgeons.
After the AIMIS medical board reviews your images, the surgeon of expertise in your condition area does a final review and suggests the treatment to be followed.
Within 24 hours after having received the medical plan, you will also receive from our Financial Department a corresponding quotation with a full analysis of potential costs and our financial policy agreement.
If you are in agreement with our quotation and wish to proceed with the surgery, you just need to send back the signed and completed financial policy agreement. You will also need to transmit a 30% deposit payment and provide a receipt of the transfer.
If your insurance covers surgery abroad, then it is likely you can use your insurance – like many of our patients have. To proceed with coverage from your insurance, we will need to receive a pre-approval letter from your insurance company prior to your surgery.

Our Patient Management department will assist you in gathering all necessary documents that your insurance company might request for approval of your claim.
AIMIS is certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 (International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard), ISO 27001 (International Standard for Information Security Management Systems -ISMS), and ISO 9001:2008 (International Standard for Quality Management Systems-QMS). Our triple certification guarantees compliance with all European and International laws and regulations of conducting business and business ethics.

Moreover, each of our employees and suppliers has signed a confidentiality agreement that covers your information and personal data.
The AIMIS Patient Management Executive that is handling your case will inform you on forthcoming visits with the surgeon that has reviewed your case. In the event that these dates are not convenient for you, then you have an option to be operated on by another AIMIS US or International surgeon, who specializes in your treatment. Once the dates are finalized, then your case is transferred to the AIMIS Concierge who will be assisting you with your travel arrangements and provide all other information needed.
AIMIS has a team of doctors and nurses who support our surgeons locally. Once the surgeon who has performed your procedure departs from Cyprus, then the Cyprus based medical team always follow up with post-operative instructions by your surgeon and are in close contact with him during the follow up process.
On a daily basis, members of the AIMIS medical team; Physician, Nurse, expert pain management team and if required a Physiotherapist will visit you at your hotel to check your recovery progress and report back to your surgeon.
AIMIS is committed to support its patients through the entire process and has a comprehensive follow-up protocol. There is a 3-month; 6-month, 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month evaluation process that consists of questionnaires via electronic forms that will be sent to you, and a follow up examination review that is implemented by your surgeon. Where necessary Clinical Examinations are also arranged.
Upon request, the Patient Management Department can provide you with a detailed copy of your medical record, so that your home doctor(s) have all the necessary information on your procedure.


(All services to facilitate your surgery) – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • What exactly is the AIMIS Concierge?
  • What should I expect from Concierge executives?
  • My English is very poor. Are your patient management executives able to speak in another language?
  • Where will I stay? Do I have to book a hotel?
  • Where are these hotels? Are they close to the hospital?
  • Will I be able to follow my religious rituals and beliefs, as far as the food is concerned?
  • How will I know, where I should be and when, after landing to Cyprus?
  • When will I be admitted to the hospital? How is this done?
  • What will happen upon my admission to the hospital?
  • Due to my religious beliefs and restrictions, I would prefer the nursing staff to be of the same gender with me. Is that possible?
  • Where will my accompanying person be staying while I am hospitalized?
  • How will I be able to contact you if I need anything during my stay?
  • If my recovery allows it, will you be able to arrange a tour for me?
  • On the day of my departure will I be accompanied by a concierge executive as well?
The AIMIS Concierge is a customized service responsible for all peripheral requirements around your surgery and entire stay in Cyprus. The services provided include arrangement for your travel, accommodation, transportation and other required services oriented towards your exact requirements.

The AIMIS Concierge representatives can be considered your “guardian angels” for the whole stay allowing you to focus on recovery.
Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, you will receive an email by the Concierge executive assigned to you, giving you general information about Cyprus, instructions on your flight travel itinerary (i.e. arrival and departure dates), information on your accommodations, and any additional information requests.
The AIMIS team is made up of multilingual professionals who speak English, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Bulgarian, Kurdish and Greek. In the case you do not speak any of the aforementioned languages, we will provide you with a translator to ease communication during your hospitalization and during post operation doctors’ hotel visits.
Your AIMIS Concierge will be making your hotel reservations once your flight details are confirmed and received. You will need to send a copy of your passport when requested.
On your arrival, you will be transferred to a 5-star hotel in Nicosia offering all amenities that is close to the hospital. Your accompanying person will also be staying in the same location during your hospitalization.

Upon discharge, you will be transferred to Limassol, a fine beach resort, where you will stay until your departure from Cyprus. All transfers from the hospital to the hotels will be arranged by our concierge team.
The hospital and hotel have menus covering your dietary needs and preferences. For further information, you can discuss your exact needs with your Concierge Executive.
Your Concierge Executive will be waiting for you at the airport and will be promptly holding a sign outlining the AIMIS Company Logo and your full name. Your AIMIS Concierge will transfer you to your hotel in Nicosia, where you will be staying prior your surgery.

A detailed itinerary will be given to you for the whole of your stay, providing full details of each process; what, where, and when, so as to make the whole procedure an easy step-by-step relaxed experience.
Admission usually takes place on the same day of your surgery, early in the morning. Our transfer associate will pick you up from the hotel at a pre-designated time. Your concierge executive will be waiting for you at the hospital to greet you and assist you during the whole process.
As a first step you will undertake your pre-surgical examinations, which include a Blood test, Chest x-ray, consultation with cardiologist, ECG, consultation with AIMIS Physician, consultation and physical examination with the US or International surgeon and a consultation with anesthesiologist.
AIMIS goal is to cover all your needs by offering top quality health care and concierge services. Respecting all of your religious beliefs, we can provide you with nursing staff of the same gender.
Your accompanying person will continue to stay at the 5-star hotel in Nicosia. Our taxi associate will be transferring him/her from the hotel to the hospital in the morning and back to the hotel in the evening.
On your arrival, you will be given a local mobile phone with the phone numbers of key AIMIS personnel involved in your case , saved in its memory, which you may keep during your whole stay in Cyprus. Hence, you will be able to contact any person you need on a 24-hour basis.
The AIMIS Concierge team will be by your side during your whole stay to ensure all your needs are met.
Your concierge executive with our transfer associate will accompany you to the airport, providing you a FIT TO FLY document signed by our follow up medical team, and will assist you in anything needed up to passport control.