The American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS) is a global healthcare provider which offers elite services in its field by bringing together the most reputable American and international surgeons and using the best surgical technology available today. Operating from Europe, AIMIS accommodates patients from all corners of the world at its state of the art facilities offering an incomparable experience to all patients.

The AIMIS institute consists of leading American and international professors and surgeons of minimally invasive & robotic surgery, who are collectively the worlds’ best in their field. The surgeons in question are the inventors and founders of the most innovative methods of modern surgery, some of which are implemented exclusively by them. Each of our surgeons performs hundreds of surgeries each year, bringing an unprecedented medical standard to minimally invasive and robotic surgery – second to none – worldwide!

Apart from offering the best surgeons in their respective fields AIMIS is always one step ahead and utilizes the latest cutting edge technologies in surgical equipment with proven results and minimal recovery time for the patient. With the largest collaborative experience, worldwide, both in spine and a variety of many other surgeries, AIMIS offers the highest quality Healthcare from day one using state of the art European award winning hospital facilities and post-operative treatment in your home country leaving nothing to chance.

AIMIS fully understands the needs of the millions of patients seeking their own solution which is either unaffordable or unavailable in their home countries thus pushing them to seek guidance elsewhere. The AIMIS experience has been designed to simplify the stressful process of trying to find all the relevant information including discussing your diagnosis with the doctor and planning the trip. Our multilingual patient support will ensure that both you and your companions are informed and relaxed during the whole process and that your stay with us is satisfying and successful.

With AIMIS you truly and undoubtedly receive the best.